Sunday, July 14, 2013

time to paint

tomorrow begins the exterior painting of the studio, which is in my little old Victorian house in town.

going to start with the east side, since it gets the morning sun, and is showing wear, and is mostly large expanses of wall compared to the south (front of the house).

i'll add some before pictures once i get down there, and will continue to add as we progress around and up and down the house.


paint? check.
trim paint? check.
new brushes? check.
appropriately scruffy paint clothes? check.
good weather? supposedly, so check. 
and the handiest tool of all, the lift?  yep, delivered today, so check one more time.

oh, yippee!!!!  i'm glad to get this done! 

Monday, July 4, 2011

Vested Gentress Animal Prints

is available now at my friend, Laura's, etsy shop, 
Metro Retro Vintage 
and inspired a search for more Vested Gentress animal prints ...

This one is Laura's ...I have never seen the owl print before...and it is ADORABLE!! 

on Etsy alone there are 35 VG items ~ 

two of my favorites are:
this fitted sheath dress with parrots

Who can pass up a cute cat and dog print?  

which is available at Gladys May Vintage

or this adorable sandpiper print wrap skirt

The only pair of long pants we found are these 
from Kakkoii Mono

with this print
of frogs, birds and turtles.

Truly Wearable Art! 

Friday, July 1, 2011

really? more red white and blue? i guess so...

well at least this is really really cool rwab stuff.

like THIS  is one of my favorite rockabilly western shirts:

It's an excellent 1970s example by Western Frontier in a rather smallish size (38-39" chest).


and speaking of the 70s?  feast your eyes on these
aMAZing and actually quite rare now F tab jeans by Farah ~

jacquard stripe, button fly, flares...SO cool.. Made for guys, but girls wore (wear) them, too.

  Available now at The Vintage Merchant.


As is this sweet colorblock purse.

This dramatic beauty ALSO from the 70s needs no words. 
Look!  She's FABulous!! 
Versatile.  Chic.  Modern. Dreamy.

and she could be yo-ours...


have a great weekend, everybody!


Thursday, June 30, 2011

it's Susan Hayward day on TCM...

What an iconic beauty, and fabulous actress!

we have TCM on in the background while we work, 
its great "company", and not too distracting (usually).

Plus, its easy to click and check dates of the movies, 
which can be helpful for dating the clothing they're wearing, 
or luggage they're carrying, or the housewares they're using.

Today features Susan Hayward ~ 
who was born 94 years ago in Brooklyn, New York.
Over her stellar career, she acted in over 60 films from 1937 to  1972.  

From fresh and funny girl next door, to sultry seductress, 
she played them all with style and beauty. 

Happy Birthday, Susan, and thank you so very much!


Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday, September 14, 2009

Dennis The Menace Doll, Exhibit Pin Up Cards & Art Nouveau vanity items

oooo! ahhhhhhhh!

what a fun selection of vintage and antique items we found at one of our favorite auction houses last Thursday! their ad was pretty meh, honestly, but they did say there were some windows that would be available, and since we're building a garage/workshop in the back yard, we decided it'd be worth it to see what they had...and BOY! are we ever glad we went!!

In addition to obtaining some fabulous casement windows for a fraction of retail, we also picked up a very cool Dennis the Menace Doll from the 60s, 3 cool pin-up "exhibit" cards by Elvgren and Art Frahm, and some delightful art nouveau era vanity items including a Fairy Tray (by Royal Zinn) and a beautiful floral brush and beveled hand mirror set!

We'll have them all listed this week on our Ruby Lane website "And This And That".

What a fun sale, though! they had 2 rings going at the same time, so passing between the rooms to see where they were at as well as keeping tabs on how pricing was developing over the evening was a challenge, but worked out really well! The team over at Wilson Auctions are happy to help out in such situations, so thankfully they were really supportive in watching for my number to come popping in the air!

we had JUST returned to the main room when a box with an assortment of bakelite belt buckles and slides were starting...and we had forgotten to tell Mikey that was on our potential bidding list, fortunately we made it in the knick of time and happily will have those to offer this week for you, too!