Monday, July 4, 2011

Vested Gentress Animal Prints

is available now at my friend, Laura's, etsy shop, 
Metro Retro Vintage 
and inspired a search for more Vested Gentress animal prints ...

This one is Laura's ...I have never seen the owl print before...and it is ADORABLE!! 

on Etsy alone there are 35 VG items ~ 

two of my favorites are:
this fitted sheath dress with parrots

Who can pass up a cute cat and dog print?  

which is available at Gladys May Vintage

or this adorable sandpiper print wrap skirt

The only pair of long pants we found are these 
from Kakkoii Mono

with this print
of frogs, birds and turtles.

Truly Wearable Art! 

Friday, July 1, 2011

really? more red white and blue? i guess so...

well at least this is really really cool rwab stuff.

like THIS  is one of my favorite rockabilly western shirts:

It's an excellent 1970s example by Western Frontier in a rather smallish size (38-39" chest).


and speaking of the 70s?  feast your eyes on these
aMAZing and actually quite rare now F tab jeans by Farah ~

jacquard stripe, button fly, flares...SO cool.. Made for guys, but girls wore (wear) them, too.

  Available now at The Vintage Merchant.


As is this sweet colorblock purse.

This dramatic beauty ALSO from the 70s needs no words. 
Look!  She's FABulous!! 
Versatile.  Chic.  Modern. Dreamy.

and she could be yo-ours...


have a great weekend, everybody!